5 Best Costco Dried Mangoes on Sale (2021) Reviews & Guide

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It’s hard to find snacks that are truly delicious and nutritious. Fortunately, dried mangoes fit the bill, being nutritious and carrying a delicious fruity flavor.

Best Costco dried mangoes

Are you having a hard time choosing the best Costco dried mangoes?

These days, shopping can become a challenging task. Especially when you need to buy one item from the many available items. The various brands and models can be very confusing for you.

We understand the problem and have done the entire research process for you.

After hours of researching, reviewing, and gathering reliable information, we have compared multiple hot products on the market and found these best dried mangoes. Here are our top picks. You may be able to find them at Costco nearby.

Bestseller No. 1
Kirkland Organic Dried Mangoes Unsweetened 2.5LB Bag#ad
  • βœ… ππ€π“π”π‘π€π‹π‹π˜ 𝐓𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐃: They have absolutely no preservatives or additives and are certified Organic, Non-GMO, and Naturally tasted. We only use the supreme and spiciest fruits to confirm each strip serves up a healthy spurt of fresh flavor.
  • βœ… πƒπ„π‹πˆπ‚πˆπŽπ”π’ 𝐓𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐃 πŒπ€ππ†πŽ: You will never miss the original mango flavor in the year at any time. Organic Mango allow you to enjoy the taste of mango regardless of the season. You can enjoy the real mango taste with our products. that has made special for the mango lover.
  • βœ… πŽπ‘π†π€ππˆπ‚ πƒπ‘πˆπ„πƒ πŒπ€ππ†πŽπ„π’: Kirkland Organic Dried Mangoes Unsweetened and Naturally taste. Our dried Mangoes are packed with nutrients. Our Organic Dried Mangoes are organically grown and sun-dried to perfection. And, through recipes, resources and our team of dietitians, we are dedicated to helping your family live well.
  • βœ… 𝐔𝐒𝐄 𝐈𝐍 πŒπ€ππ˜ π‘π„π‚πˆππ„π’: Best mango slice recipes for vegans and makes a portion of great healthy food for your kids. If you don’t have a favorite dried mango recipe yet, you will enjoy discovering it through trials as there are hundreds of fantastic dishes you can make with this ingredient.
  • βœ… π’π€π“πˆπ’π…π€π‚π“πˆπŽπ 𝐆𝐔𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐄𝐃: We never want your money and time to go waste. We always stand behind our products. We will sure that you love our organic dried mango product. But if you face any kind of issue with our product please contact us. We give a possible solution.
Bestseller No. 2
Phillippine Brand Naturally Delicious Dried Mangoes Tree Ripened Value Bag 30 Ounces#ad
  • Each bag has 30 ounces of delicious dried mangoes
  • Great taste, fat free, sweet and moist, high in vitamin C
  • Stay fresh resealabe zipper bag
Bestseller No. 3
Anna and Sarah Organic Dried Mango, 3 Lbs#ad
  • ORGANIC DRIED MANGOES: Natural source of energy, the best quality delicious mangoes. Always good option to stop sugar cravings. Comes in a resealable bag and always fresh!
  • CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC: 100% organic, no preservatives, no sulfur. Best nutrition and quality for you.
  • NUTRITIOUS HEALTHY SNACKS: No sugar added. Rich source of antioxidants and dietary fiber. Suitable for vegetarian, vegan, raw diets and good for weight control.
  • STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a cool, dry area; after opening store in tightly closed container or plastic bag in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Mexico. - Anna and Sarah brings healthy snacks and super nutritious nuts and dried fruits from nature into your bags and onto your table.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Mango, 40 Ounce#ad
  • USDA Organic
  • Kosher
  • Unsweetened
  • Usda Organic
Bestseller No. 5
Tropical Fields Dried Real Mango (30 Oz), 30 oz#ad

Costco Items

Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Mangoes

Costco Item Number: 1167213. Costco Historical Prices: $18.49

Paradise Green Mango Premium Quality

Costco Item Number: 1079506. Costco Historical Prices: $14.49

Made in Nature Organic Dried Fruit, Mangoes

Costco Item Number: 879360. Costco Historical Prices: $64.99

Why Trust Us?

With the help of product analysis tools, review analysis tools, authoritative website information, artificial intelligence, and big data tools, we help you complete the entire process of researching dried mangoes.

Our custom algorithms provide you with a comprehensive list of the latest and best Costco dried mangoes. We consider a variety of factors in selecting Costco dried mangoes, including but not limited to the following.

  • Brand value: There are many brands of dried mangoes on the market. They each have their characteristics. Users may prefer certain brands.
  • Product features: Some dried mangoes will have features that are different from other products, and these features can meet the specific needs of certain users. Do you really need these features? Otherwise, you will need to pay more for them.
  • Specifications and models: When buying dried mangoes, you need to know their specifications so that you do not buy a product that is not suitable for you. Also, the same company may have designed multiple models for different needs.
  • Customer reviews: When you buy a product in a physical Costco store, you usually can’t get reviews of dried mangoes from other users. And the salesperson can’t give you a more objective opinion. Try to get user reviews of dried mangoes in other online stores.
  • Product quality: It is impossible to get the best product at the lowest price. You need to find the best quality product that meets your needs within your budget. In this way, the dried mangoes you choose will be value for money.
  • Return policy and warranty policy: Different dried mangoes will have different return policies and warranty policies. You need to pay attention to them.

Now, you don’t have to pick and choose from a large selection of Costco dried mangoes. Just browse through the best products listed in this post according to your needs and choose the one that fits your budget and needs.

Here are some of the other things you need to consider after reviewing the product information.

  • Do you need to buy one product at Costco, or multiple dried mangoes?
  • Do you need to buy other products besides dried mangoes at Costco at the same time?
  • Is Costco far from you?Β 
  • Do you need to experience dried mangoes at Costco?
  • Is Costco’s return policy right for you?
  • Does your local Costco have dried mangoes in stock? What is the price of Costco dried mangoes?

What is dried mango?

Dehydrated mango fruits are called dried mangoes. This dehydration can occur in several different ways and for a variety of reasons. In most cases, mangoes are dried as a means of preservation. Dried slices are usually not perishable and can be enjoyed as a snack long after fresh mangoes are out of season.

Dried fruits such as mangoes can usually be eaten on their own, but can also be used in baking, as an ingredient in cereals or salads, or as an ice cream topping. Dried mangoes are often an inexpensive way to add a tropical flavor to a variety of dishes.

Sweetened dried mangoes have added sugar or other fruit juices to enhance their flavor and often also help the fruit retain its color during the drying process.

In most cases, dried mangoes are made in commercial dehydrators. Temperature and relative humidity are strictly controlled. When fresh mango slices are left in this environment, the moisture in them slowly steams.

Initially, farmers in mango-rich communities would preserve the fruit by drying the slices in the sun on wooden boards. This method is still used in some parts of the world.

Freeze-drying also produces dried mangoes. The freeze-drying process involves quickly freezing the mangoes in a pressurized vacuum chamber. Once the water molecules in the fruit freeze, they sublimate and turn into steam, leaving perfectly preserved fruit without most of the wrinkles and distortions of traditional dehydration. Once this process is complete, there is no need for further freezing or refrigeration, and the mangoes can be sold immediately as non-perishable food.

Dried foods such as mangoes can stay fresh by themselves. Manufacturers often add sugar compounds or chemicals to help improve the appearance of dehydrated foods, but this is not usually considered processing.

Final Words

Of course, not all Costco stores will carry the dried mangoes on the list. Some Costco stores may also have out-of-stocks. If you can’t find them, you can go to Amazon to see if these dried mangoes are still in stock.

Compared to Costco, Amazon usually has more detailed dried mangoes descriptions and more user reviews. This may help you make your selection. If you are only buying single products rather than bulk shopping, Amazon may be a better choice and more convenient. Because you don’t have to drive to Costco.

We know that product information, product prices, and sell-by dates change from time to time. We do our best to keep it up to date. You may find the dried mangoes you want at some local Costco stores, but other Costco stores may be sold out or not carry them. Prices may vary by location. Some products may also have limits on the number of units that can be purchased. If in doubt, call your local Costco before you go.

If you find some of the information in this post is incorrect, irrelevant, or needs to be updated, please comment below. Or if you have already purchased dried mangoes at Costco, you can also comment below and tell other readers about the product, such as when and where you found the dried mangoes at Costco, what the price was, and what the item number was. We appreciate this.

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