5 Best Costco Dried Mushrooms on Sale (2021) Reviews & Guide

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A vegan diet is not synonymous with eating simply and unimaginatively. Today, given the evolution of vegetarian diets, many alternatives allow you to enjoy dishes that are both delicious and healthy, such as these dried mushrooms.

Because of their properties, many describe them as the perfect substitute for beef jerky, as mushrooms can provide a similar flavor to dried meat.

In addition, shiitake and other mushrooms are very beneficial to the body. They are rich in fiber, which helps lower cholesterol levels and supports the digestive system. In addition, they contain many B vitamins, which are great for cardiovascular health.

Dried mushrooms can be made from both regular mushrooms as well as shiitake or other mushrooms. Usually, they tend to be used in vegan diets.

Best Costco dried mushrooms

Are you having a hard time choosing the best Costco dried mushrooms?

These days, shopping can become a challenging task. Especially when you need to buy one item from the many available items. The various brands and models can be very confusing for you.

We understand the problem and have done the entire research process for you.

After hours of researching, reviewing, and gathering reliable information, we have compared multiple hot products on the market and found these best dried mushrooms. Here are our top picks. You may be able to find them at Costco nearby.

Bestseller No. 2
Roland Foods Dried Mixed Wild Mushrooms Specialty Imported Food 1Pound , 16 Ounce#ad
  • DRIED WILD MUSHROOMS: A hearty blend including oyster, bolete, and porcini mushrooms
  • A VERSATILE PANTRY STAPLE: Add bold flavor to pan sauces, rice dishes, eggs, and more
  • QUICK PREPARATION: Simply soak in warm water and pat dry to use like fresh mushrooms
  • RESTAURANT QUALITY: Ideal for use in food service or in the home
  • IMPORTED FROM FRANCE: A gourmet international specialty food product
Bestseller No. 3
Mushroom House Dried Mushroom, Stir Fry Blend, 1-Pound#ad
  • Ingredients: Dried Oyster, Champignon, Shiitake, Nameko and Woodear Mushrooms
  • One, 1-pound package
  • Expertly sorted, graded and cleaned by hand
  • Our packaging meets all US Food Manufacturing Standards for cleanliness and purity
  • Note: Woodear mushrooms are quite large and light in weight compared to the others and may give the impression there is more of them - but not by their actual weight
Bestseller No. 4
ONETANG Shiitake Mushroom Slices 227g, Dried Mushroom Slices, No Fumigation Sulfur 8 Oz#ad
  • Shiitake slices rehydrates quickly, have a great flavor and are just chewy enough.
  • Mushroom slices are fragrant and rich, the meat is thick and thin, the species is authentic and the source is selected. Conform to the laws of nature and pick them in time, 100% New crop.
  • No Fumigation Sulfur, No Artificial Additive, strict control of the water standards, moisture content less Than 13%.
  • Shiitake slices are of excellent quality and color and are sliced in varying sizes.
  • BRC, ISO22000, HACCP certificated factory.
Bestseller No. 5
ONETANG Dried Mushrooms 16 oz Dried Shiitake Mushrooms 2021 New Mushrooms 1 Pound#ad
  • Dried mushrooms 16.00 oz of vacuum packing keep the freshness of products and prolong the shelf life of products.
  • Mushroom raw material selection Xixia mushroom of China National Geographical Indications Products.
  • Shiitake mushroom is fragrant and rich, the meat is thick and thin, the species is authentic and the source is selected. Conform to the laws of nature and pick them in time, 100% New Crop.
  • No Fumigation Sulfur, No Artificial Additive, mushroom foot length control less Than 1cm, strict control of the water standards, moisture content less Than 13%.
  • BRC, ISO22000, HACCP certificated factory.

Costco Items

The Wild Mushroom Co. Dried Gourmet Mix European Mushrooms

Costco Item Number: 1087668. Costco Historical Prices: $8.97

Why Trust Us?

With the help of product analysis tools, review analysis tools, authoritative website information, artificial intelligence, and big data tools, we help you complete the entire process of researching dried mushrooms.

Our custom algorithms provide you with a comprehensive list of the latest and best Costco dried mushrooms. We consider a variety of factors in selecting Costco dried mushrooms, including but not limited to the following.

  • Brand value: There are many brands of dried mushrooms on the market. They each have their characteristics. Users may prefer certain brands.
  • Product features: Some dried mushrooms will have features that are different from other products, and these features can meet the specific needs of certain users. Do you really need these features? Otherwise, you will need to pay more for them.
  • Specifications and models: When buying dried mushrooms, you need to know their specifications so that you do not buy a product that is not suitable for you. Also, the same company may have designed multiple models for different needs.
  • Customer reviews: When you buy a product in a physical Costco store, you usually can’t get reviews of dried mushrooms from other users. And the salesperson can’t give you a more objective opinion. Try to get user reviews of dried mushrooms in other online stores.
  • Product quality: It is impossible to get the best product at the lowest price. You need to find the best quality product that meets your needs within your budget. In this way, the dried mushrooms you choose will be value for money.
  • Return policy and warranty policy: Different dried mushrooms will have different return policies and warranty policies. You need to pay attention to them.

Now, you don’t have to pick and choose from a large selection of Costco dried mushrooms. Just browse through the best products listed in this post according to your needs and choose the one that fits your budget and needs.

Here are some of the other things you need to consider after reviewing the product information.

  • Do you need to buy one product at Costco, or multiple dried mushrooms?
  • Do you need to buy other products besides dried mushrooms at Costco at the same time?
  • Is Costco far from you? 
  • Do you need to experience dried mushrooms at Costco?
  • Is Costco’s return policy right for you?
  • Does your local Costco have dried mushrooms in stock? What is the price of Costco dried mushrooms?

Tips for rehydrating dried mushrooms

All we have to do is to clean and moisturize them. That’s the question: how do we hydrate them? The easiest option is to use warm water. However, unless we then cook with soaked water, the result will not be ideal because the water will leave a lot of mushroom flavor. So how can we explore other possibilities?

Before rehydrating the mushrooms, we must wash them well. This aspect is necessary and sometimes complicated because if we wash the mushrooms as we would any other vegetable, we can break them up. Ideally, use a slightly damp cloth to remove any dirt or impurities that may remain.


One possibility for rehydrating dried mushrooms is to use wine. But, of course, be careful when preparing mushrooms later. Because wine gives it an acidity that is not always good in all recipes.

The process is very simple and is the same for any liquid. The fungi are washed and soaked in the wine for 30 minutes. Then strain them and prepare them for tasting.

Olive oil

We can always turn to the delicious olive oil. I like this option because if we add herbs, in addition to marinating the mushrooms, we will also get delicious olive oil that we can then use in our recipes.


An interesting option is to use beer. after 30 minutes, they leave a very interesting flavor.


Another possibility is to hydrate in tea. For example, I made it with green tea, but black tea is also a good choice because it does not add acidity and does not bring out the flavor.

Final Words

Of course, not all Costco stores will carry the dried mushrooms on the list. Some Costco stores may also have out-of-stocks. If you can’t find them, you can go to Amazon to see if these dried mushrooms are still in stock.

Compared to Costco, Amazon usually has more detailed dried mushrooms descriptions and more user reviews. This may help you make your selection. If you are only buying single products rather than bulk shopping, Amazon may be a better choice and more convenient. Because you don’t have to drive to Costco.

We know that product information, product prices, and sell-by dates change from time to time. We do our best to keep it up to date. You may find the dried mushrooms you want at some local Costco stores, but other Costco stores may be sold out or not carry them. Prices may vary by location. Some products may also have limits on the number of units that can be purchased. If in doubt, call your local Costco before you go.

If you find some of the information in this post is incorrect, irrelevant, or needs to be updated, please comment below. Or if you have already purchased dried mushrooms at Costco, you can also comment below and tell other readers about the product, such as when and where you found the dried mushrooms at Costco, what the price was, and what the item number was. We appreciate this.

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