5 Best Gourmia Air Fryers Costco on Sale (2022) Reviews & Guide

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Oil-free fryers or air fryers are becoming popular. You can get crispy, delicious results similar to foods fried traditionally. But you don’t need to use oil or just a tablespoon of oil. This avoids the excess fat and calories that come from using a lot of oil.

With them, you can continue to make the meals you love to enjoy from time to time, but in a healthier way. Foods such as classic French fries or chicken nuggets are often very popular with children on special occasions. You can also prepare grilled chicken, vegetables, fish, and countless other healthy dishes. Add them to your daily menu with just the push of a button.

They are very easy to handle and clean. Because one of the worst parts of frying at home comes from the possible burns, the strong smell of oil, and the subsequent cleaning.

Best Gourmia Air Fryer Costco

Are you having a hard time choosing the best Costco Gourmia air fryers?

These days, shopping can become a challenging task. Especially when you need to buy one item from the many available items. The various brands and models can be very confusing for you.

We understand the problem and have done the entire research process for you.

After hours of researching, reviewing, and gathering reliable information, we have compared multiple hot products on the market and found these best Costco Gourmia air fryers. Here are our top picks.

1. Gourmia 6 Quart Digital Air Fryer GAF698

Costco Item Number: 4232432. Costco Historical Prices: $39.99

  • Enjoy healthy meals and slash away those greasy calories with this 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer from Gourmia.
  • Fry Force 360 Degree Technology cooks food quickly and evenly with little to no oil. 12 One-Touch Cooking Functions allow you to air fry, bake, dehydrate and more – with just a tap.
  • Easily adjust temperature and time on the display that offers Guided Cooking Prompts, notifying you when to add food after preheating and turn food during cooking.
  • The non-stick basket and crisper tray are easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleanup.
  • Fry Force 360 Degree Technology cooks food quickly and evenly with little to no oil. Food gets crispy outside and stays moist inside while using 80 percent less fat. 12 One-Touch Cooking Functions to cook everything – with just a tap. Dehydrate function to prepare healthy dried snacks.
  • Easy-to-adjust temperature, ranging from 90-400 degrees. Guided Cooking Prompts let you know when it’s time to add and turn over food. Non-Stick, dishwasher safe basket and crisper tray- Also includes a two-tier cooking rack, and recipe book.

2. Gourmia GAF575 Digital Air Fryer 5 Qt. Costco

Sold out or not sold in all stores.

Gourmia GAF575 Digital Air Fryer - 5 QT / 4.7 Liter Capacity with Digital Touch LCD Display, RadiVection 360°...#ad
  • 8 ONE TOUCH PRESETS: Choose French Fries, Chicken, Steak, Bacon, Fish, Shrimp, Pizza or Bake.
  • HEALTHY COOKING: Roast, grill, broil, bake and fry to crispy perfection without a drop of fatty oil.
  • EASY CLEAN CONVENIENCE: The basket and fry tray are nonstick and removable, so cooking and cleaning are an absolute breeze.
  • ENHANCED COOKING PERFORMANCE: Using the included durable Stainless Steel Floating Rack, you can raise your cooking level or increase cooking capacity with two-tiered cooking.
  • ETL-CERTIFIED: At Gourmia, we take the quality of our products seriously. This product is ETL-certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high-quality appliance.

3. Gourmia FRY FORCE 360° Digital 7 Qt. Air Fryer

Sold out or not sold in all stores.

Gourmia Air Fryer Oven Digital Display 7 Quart Large AirFryer Cooker 12 Touch Cooking Presets, XL Air Fryer...#ad
  • GOURMIA is the #1 BESTSELLING Airfryer Brand in the USA in 2022! Gourmia delivers value and quality you can trust for your home essentials
  • THE PERFECT KITCHEN COOKING GADGET - Multicooker Combo Electric Oven for French Fries, Wings, Fish Fryer, Bacon, Seafood, Vegetables, Bake, Roast, Broil, Dehydrate, Toaster, Reheat, and Keep Warm + 12 1-Touch Digital Presets that deliver the best results
  • 20% LARGER COOKING CAPACITY: size matters - XL Large air fryer 7 quart basket can fit whole meals so you only need to cook once!
  • HEALTHIEST WAY TO FRY - All of the flavor and none of the guilt! Fat removal technology in the air fryer basket removes up to 90% of fat through the cooking process
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Cook Fast and Clean Fast! - Quick and easy cleanup, air fryer accessories go straight into the dish washer for cleaning bringing convenience to your kitchen must havescook modes

4. Gourmia GTF7450 17-in-1 Multi-function, Digital Air Fryer Oven

Sold out or not sold in all stores.

Gourmia Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo 17 cooking presets 1700W digital air fryer oven 24L capacity air fryer...#ad
  • GOURMIA is the #1 BESTSELLING Airfryer Brand in the USA in 2022! Gourmia delivers value and quality you can trust for your home essentials
  • LARGER COOKING CAPACITY - size matters, fits an entire 12" pizza or 6 slices of bread in this air fryer ovens countertop space 24L XL airfryer oven can fit whole meals so you only need to cook once!
  • EASY-SET CONTROLS: this countertop oven boasts 17 COOKING PRESETS: air fryer toaster oven combo, roaster oven dehydrator rotisserie oven and more with this kitchen appliances multi use capability
  • FRYFORCE 360° TECHNOLOGY: this convection oven countertop targets food with fast, super-heated air from every direction to take your food from frozen to golden in minutes with little to no oil!
  • HEALTHIEST WAY TO FRY - All of the flavor and none of the guilt with this airfryer toaster oven! Fat removal technology in this oven toaster setup removes up to 90% of fat through the cooking

5. Gourmia 6-Qt. Stainless Steel Digital Air Fryer

Sold out or not sold in all stores.

  • 6 QT/5.7 L CAPACITY Deliciously fries chicken, meat, fish and sides oil-free with a great crispy taste!
  • 8 One-Touch Presets Chef-at-a-Touch Controls for perfect time and temperature settings.
  • Perfect Crisp System makes foods crispy outside and moist & tender inside.
  • Non-Stick Basket Non-stick basket & crisper tray removes easily for quick cleaning.
  • Multi-purpose Rack and Skewers for 2-tiered and skewer cooking Includes two crisper trays 8 Touch-Button Presets
  • Don’t worry about tracking exact time or temperature. Eight pre-programmed cook modes eliminate the guesswork. Choose French Fries, Shellfish, Pizza, Poultry, Fish, Beef, Cake or Bacon.
  • Stunning Stainless Steel Beautiful and durable outside with non-stick and easy to clean inside.
  • RadiVection 360º Technology Fries food quickly and evenly with no oil, fewer calories and more flavor.
  • AeroCrisp Technology: The Future of Frying. Only Gourmia brings you next level air frying with AeroCrisp Technology.

Why Trust Us?

With the help of product analysis tools, review analysis tools, authoritative website information, artificial intelligence, and big data tools, we help you complete the entire process of researching Gourmia air fryers.

Our custom algorithms provide you with a comprehensive list of the latest and best Costco Gourmia air fryers. We consider a variety of factors in selecting Costco Gourmia air fryers, including but not limited to the following.

  • Brand value: There are many brands of air fryers on the market. They each have their characteristics. Users may prefer certain brands.
  • Product features: Some Gourmia air fryers will have features that are different from other products, and these features can meet the specific needs of certain users. Do you really need these features? Otherwise you will need to pay more for them.
  • Specifications and models: When buying Gourmia air fryers, you need to know their specifications so that you do not buy a product that is not suitable for you. Also, the same company may have designed multiple models for different needs.
  • Customer reviews: When you buy a product in a physical Costco store, you usually can’t get reviews of Gourmia air fryers from other users. And the salesperson can’t give you a more objective opinion. Try to get user reviews of Gourmia air fryers in other online stores.
  • Product quality: It is impossible to get the best product at the lowest price. You need to find the best quality product that meets your needs within your budget. In this way, the Gourmia air fryers you choose will be value for money.
  • Return policy and warranty policy: Different Gourmia air fryers will have different return policies and warranty policies. You need to pay attention to them.

Now, you don’t have to pick and choose from a large selection of Costco Gourmia air fryers. Just browse through the best products listed in this post according to your needs and choose the one that fits your budget and needs.

Here are some of the other things you need to consider after reviewing the product information.

  • Do you need to buy one product at Costco, or multiple Gourmia air fryers?
  • Do you need to buy other products besides Gourmia air fryers at Costco at the same time?
  • Is Costco far from you? 
  • Do you need to experience Gourmia air fryers at Costco?
  • Is Costco’s return policy right for you?
  • Does your local Costco have Gourmia air fryers in stock? What is the price of Costco Gourmia air fryers?

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Gourmia Air Fryer Costco?

All models have some special features or add interesting extras, but there are some basic things you must consider to ensure you buy the right product. Consider your needs carefully so you don’t pay for something you don’t need. Pay attention to these points.


Almost all air fryers have the main bucket and a traditional fryer-style rack. This allows the small amount of oil that may be left to flow into the large, easy-to-clean compartment.

1.5 liters to 3 liters is the usual size, but for larger homes, models up to 7 liters are better. Some models are available in grams for your reference. A capacity of 600-800 grams is suitable for two people.

Do not buy a huge model if you do not intend to utilize it regularly.


Take a good look at the list of features. Make sure it has the features you need.


It doesn’t hurt to calculate how much space it will take up in your kitchen, whether you put it on the counter or in a closet, so you can check if it fits into the available space. Some are very compact and easy to store in tight spaces, but others are quite large.

Easy to use

The air fryer must be easy to disassemble because then you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. You should also check that the parts of the model fit into the dishwasher. Almost all oil-free fryers have very intuitive operations, whether it’s a digital display or buttons. Many include preset functions, so you only have to press a button.


Be careful with this one. Most models typically fluctuate between 1,100 and 1,650W. There are many high-power models. This means that while they cost more money, they take less time to cook, so it is balanced.

Material quality

Oil-free fryers have a very high internal temperature that heats not only the food, but also the materials in the basket containing the food and the walls of the appliance.

Some are metal, but to reduce weight and cost, some will use plastic. Plastics that are subjected to high temperatures can release chemicals that are harmful to your health.

Therefore, you should avoid certain unsafe materials.

  • BPA or Bisphenol-A. It is a compound used in the manufacture of hard plastics that releases harmful substances when heated.
  • Perfluorooctanoic acid. It is the old Teflon and is toxic when it comes off. This happens when a non-stick pan is scratched.
  • Aluminum coatings can be neurotoxic.

The problem is that few manufacturers specify whether they use any of these components. Check the technical manual for your air fryer to understand the ingredients and avoid possible health problems.


Keep in mind that this device is an investment that will give you a lot of pleasure and that it is destined to last. So in this case, maybe you should choose a good model, even if it is slightly more expensive. That is, of course, if your pocket allows it.

Other things you might be interested in

Some models come with a transparent lid that allows you to see how your food is being cooked. This is not necessary, but we like it. Some models have two trays, which means they can cook two types of food separately. Saves time and energy.

Some brands give away recipe books and even offer you the possibility of downloading apps.

As for safety, you should make sure it has some type of overheating protection, such as an automatic shutdown.

Groceries for Filling Your Costco Gourmia Air Fryer

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Final Words

Of course, not all Costco stores will carry the products on the list. Some Costco stores may also have out-of-stocks. If you can’t find them, you can go to Amazon to see if these products are still in stock.

Compared to Costco, Amazon usually has more detailed product descriptions and more user reviews. This may help you make your selection. If you are only buying single products rather than bulk shopping, Amazon may be a better choice and more convenient. Because you don’t have to drive to Costco.

We know that product information, product prices, and sell-by dates change from time to time. We do our best to keep it up to date. You may find the Gourmia air fryers you want at some local Costco stores, but other Costco stores may be sold out or not carry them. Prices may vary by location. Some products may also have limits on the number of units that can be purchased. If in doubt, call your local Costco before you go.

If you find some of the information in this post is incorrect, irrelevant, or needs to be updated, please comment below. Or if you have already purchased Gourmia air fryers at Costco, you can also comment below and tell other readers about the product, such as when and where you found the Gourmia air fryers at Costco, what the price was, and what the item number was. We appreciate this.

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